4 Ways to Best Prepare Your Client’s Home for the Busy Spring Season

Spring is an important season in real estate. As the temperatures begin to warm up and flowers begin to bloom, markets move towards more listings, viewings, open houses, and closed deals. Springtime is a crucial season for real estate agents to update their market strategies in preparation for the upcoming busy season. Below are strategies to help you best prepare your clients’ homes and help them make it through the season.

  1. Research the market.
    A common real estate belief is that spring is the best time to list and sell a home. This is mostly because a lot of inquiries flood in during the spring, and while this is mostly true, it’s also important to research the market to make sure your clients list their home at the best time.When researching the market, consider two fundamental points — when to list and the price. Most sellers think that listing their home in the spring gives them 100% profitability, but this is a tricky assumption because the spring also has the toughest competition. Hence, make sure to guide your clients to list their home after the appropriate home improvements are made. The same applies with price points — make sure that all necessary home improvements are made before setting a price.
  2. Build your database.
    A strong database is essential for a successful business, so consider using AdWords in the winter when competition is lower. Be aware of the timing of your incoming phone calls. If someone calls you about listing in the winter, they are likely serious about it and you could use this opportunity to take them on as a client. Also, send out eye-catching holiday cards that have your brand name stamped in the front. This allows for your brand to be noticed by many!
  3. Update your real estate listing presentations.
    Your real estate listing presentations should reflect your newest photos and home improvements. This creates a high value and an overall better impression. Include your CMA (comparative market analysis) to showcase industry expectations for the season so that your clients have an idea of what to expect when listing their home.
  4. Create the next year’s business plan.
    It is never too early to begin planning for the next year. Successful agents thoughtfully use their time to plan out how to best achieve their real estate goals. So, make sure that you enter the busy spring season with a detailed plan of how you will do business.