5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Title Company

When buying a home, there are many factors that play into the decision of choosing the right title company. The first question on many of your minds is, who even makes that decision? That’s a really good question, in most markets it is the buyer, but in Boone County it is typically the seller. This will vary based on your location so make sure you do your research before you begin the home-buying process. There are numerous things that set one title company apart from others and these are what you should base your decision on.

In order to make the right decision for you, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does this title company come highly recommended?

You ask for recommendations for everything else in your life, from restaurants, to hairdressers, to vacation spots – you should absolutely apply this to one of the biggest decisions of your life. Ask everyone: your lender, your realtor, your friends, your coworkers, or anyone who has moved lately. These people would all be great to ask about their experiences at different title companies around town. Of course you should do your own research, but a personal recommendation is something you can definitely take into consideration when choosing a title company.

2. What kind of reputation does this company have?

Look at their online reviews, listen to how others talk about their experience with the company, these are all things you should investigate before deciding on a title company. Your title company needs to be trusted, and having a good reputation around town is the first step.

3. How do they communicate with their clients?

Buying a home is a big commitment, and you want to make sure you are kept in the loop throughout the process. Ask your friends who have worked with them about how they communicate throughout the process of closing. Get in contact with the company beforehand, ask any questions you may have and see how they respond. If it takes them a week to respond and/or they are short with you, this is likely how they will communicate with you when you are their client. Choose the company that you feel fits best with your communication style.

4. Where are they located?

If you have to drive 50 miles out of the way to get to your title company’s office for closing or meetings, you may want to consider somewhere more local. Lucky for you, Monarch Title Company has 5 offices across the state of Missouri to make closing as convenient as possible.

5. What kind of experience do they have?

Have they been in the business for 10 years or 10 days? Every property and every closing is different. Throughout the years, title companies will experience many different learning opportunities. Find a company with some experience in order to easily solve any issues that may arise during the closing process. Monarch Title has been helping Missourians for the past 17 years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We have seen it all, and we can help you close on your home painlessly.

If you are about to buy a new home or even refinance your current home, call Monarch Title today, we would love to sit down with you, talk about the different options we offer, and get to know what specifically you want to see in your title company.


Happy house hunting!