Why is Location Important When Buying a Home?

Purchasing a home in a good location makes the property a solid, long-term investment. All other aspects of a home can be changed, including the size of the house. Homes can be revamped and reworked to any stretch of the imagination, but the one thing you can’t change is the home’s location. When you decide […]

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What are the Fiduciary Duties of a Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent’s relationship with their client, such as a buyer or seller, is a fiduciary relationship. A real estate agent includes realtors, brokers, or the like. Inside the agency relationship, a principal or client gives legal authority to their agent to act on the principal’s behalf when dealing with a third party. A […]

How texting can put your business in jeopardy

Let’s face it: We all love our cell phones. We use our phones every day for a variety of conveniences: messaging, email, shopping, calendars, etc. They are evolving miniature computers with which you can do almost anything with a touch of a button. Emerging technologies make our lives simpler. Lately, though, texting and messaging apps […]

Why Title Insurance is so important for your clients

Whether the transaction involves a multi-million-dollar purchase or a single family home, there is a potential for serious financial loss without title insurance. Confirming the ownership of the property being transferred is extremely important to all parties involved in the transaction.  All parties want to be assured that the seller is actually authorized to sell, […]