Can You Choose Your Title Company? (Yes!)

You already know that when you buy a home, there are a lot of things you’ll purchase — your mortgage, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, but what about title insurance? Hopefully, this was already on your radar, but if not, we have more information on the importance of title insurance in our earlier blogs. 

Just like when you’re shopping around for homeowner’s insurance, you can shop around for a title company that you’ll work with throughout the real estate closing process. Lenders require title insurance so that they know their loan is secured, and most buyers just use whatever title company their lender recommends. However, there are benefits to choosing the title company that you know and trust, especially when it comes to real estate transactions. 

When picking your own title company, you can ask questions directly to your agent and get real answers promptly, not just whenever your lender has time for you. You’ll be able to fully understand the policy and the costs associated with it — after all, buying a home is one of the most important decisions of your life. 

The title company also assists with closing on your home — they’re the closing agent. If you just use the company that your lender chooses, you’re subject to their policies and procedures that you might not even know about until you’re hours into the closing process. If your closing agent doesn’t have experience with the technology and processes needed to avoid simple mistakes, your closing could be delayed. Even worse, simple mistakes can impact your rights to your new property.

Choosing the right title company that will work with you and everyone associated with the home buying process gives you peace of mind. The title company ensures that all of the documents are signed and filled out properly before closing so that things can go as smoothly as possible. Your title company also makes sure that all the money involved is transferred correctly and safely.At Monarch Title Company, we work hard to make your closing a smooth process so you don’t have to worry. We have years of experience in the title industry, and all of our closing agents have the know-how to check all the boxes, and then some, to provide remarkable service to you and an efficient transaction completed successfully, the first time. You have a choice when picking your title company, make sure it’s the right one.