Monarch Title Stay at Home Closing Policy - COVID-19 2020 Columbia MO

Monarch’s Closing Policy During the Boone County Stay at Home Order

  **Updated 3/25/20** a) Several Missouri counties are closed to the public, some are allowing us in to search, some have online access, and some are closing altogether. We monitor this on a daily basis. b) Boone County, and almost all other counties in Missouri, have e-recording capabilities. We are e-recording in all Missouri counties […]

The Federal Reserve, Mortgage Rates, and Refinancing Your Home

Everything you need to know to stay proactive in the market. The unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has stimulated a massive federal response. For the second time this month, the federal reserve slashed interest rates to 0% to 0.25% in hopes of easing some of the effects of the economic crisis on homeowners and buyers. […]

How texting can put your business in jeopardy

Let’s face it: We all love our cell phones. We use our phones every day for a variety of conveniences: messaging, email, shopping, calendars, etc. They are evolving miniature computers with which you can do almost anything with a touch of a button. Emerging technologies make our lives simpler. Lately, though, texting and messaging apps […]

Appraisers Raise Concerns Over Fannie, Freddie Automated Appraisals

Last week, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced their new appraisal-free products for purchase mortgages, but the appraisal industry is raising concerns over the automated appraisals, even accusing the GSEs of not bearing the consequences of the risk they are taking. Read more about this topic at:

Amazon Quietly Reveals Possible Expansion into Real Estate

As shoppers scoured Amazon’s website recently for its annual “Prime Day” deals, the online shopping giant quietly disclosed a new service coming soon to its users, which would embark into the world of real estate and turn it into a competitor with Zillow and Redfin. Tucked into the website’s Home and Business Services section, where users can receive quotes […]

NAHB Releases Remodeling by Zip Cost Estimates for 2017

The National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”) recently released its latest projections of spending on improvements to owner-occupied housing by zip code. The projections show total spending on improvements, the number of owner-occupied homes, as well as average spending per improvement, in each of over 26,000 zip codes for calendar year 2017. The estimates are […]