5 Real Estate Terms Your Clients Should Know

The best client is an educated client. The real estate industry is as relational an industry as it gets. Realtors shoulder the burden of easing client fears throughout every stage of what may be just one of the most complicated transactions on the face of the Earth. As such, clear communication between realtor and client […]

What’s the Benefit of a Property Profile in a Real Estate Transaction?

We get it. You want as few roadblocks between yourself and those new set of house keys as possible. But sometimes it behooves you to pump the brakes and do your homework, and when you’re considering a transaction as life-altering as real estate, you can bet you’ll have plenty of take-home assignments. First of all, […]

The Federal Reserve, Mortgage Rates, and Refinancing Your Home

Everything you need to know to stay proactive in the market. The unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has stimulated a massive federal response. For the second time this month, the federal reserve slashed interest rates to 0% to 0.25% in hopes of easing some of the effects of the economic crisis on homeowners and buyers. […]

Continuing Education Opportunities for Realtors

To maintain your real estate license, many states require agents and brokers to participate in defined amounts of continuing education during recurring time periods. These requirements are established in state laws and administered by real estate commissions. Some requirements are state-specific, so it is crucial that you inquire about and fulfill your state’s license maintenance […]