The Science of Homebuying Psychology: A Study

A recent survey of approximately 3,350 U.S. residents in 11 different metro areas who have either bought a home, sold a home, or plan to do so was conducted in the hopes of uncovering new perspectives and trends amongst recent homebuyers. It didn’t disappoint! The survey—which began back in May 2017 and has since asked […]

NAR: Here are 5 reasons for low homeownership rate

The job market continues to show improvement, and interest rates remain historically low, yet the homeownership rate in the U.S. remains near a 50-year low. The National Association of Realtors recently released a new white paper titled, “Hurdles to Homeownership: Understanding the Barriers” which lays out five reasons for the low homeownership rate. NAR released its paper in recognition of National […]

Are the Suburbs Having a Rental Boom?

After the recession, renters—particularly Millennials—were flocking to urban areas, and as such, urban apartment construction surged to record-high levels. But now, a new study shows that’s changing. Renters are now targeting the suburbs in greater numbers. Almost 10 years after the housing crisis, many people are asking themselves: “Where to live now?” During the post-recession […]

Battle Lines Form Over Popular Mortgage Interest Deduction

Treasury Secretary-designee Steven Mnuchin last week raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill and drew scrutiny from business advocates by pointing to potential curbs on the mortgage interest deduction in a CNBC interview. “We’ll cap the mortgage interest, but allow some deductibility,” Mnuchin said on Nov. 30. President-elect Donald Trump’s tax proposal makes no specific changes in […]