Why Title Insurance is so important for your clients

Whether the transaction involves a multi-million-dollar purchase or a single family home, there is a potential for serious financial loss without title insurance. Confirming the ownership of the property being transferred is extremely important to all parties involved in the transaction.  All parties want to be assured that the seller is actually authorized to sell, […]

7 Things to Know Before You Flip Your First House

You’ve watched virtually every house flipping show on television, and by this point you’re a “pro” at home renovations. You’re finally ready to put your knack for redesign to the test. Now, you’ve purchased a first fixer upper of your own, and you’re going to house flip your new property. Before you reach for the […]

Identity Theft Prevention

A Monarch Title representative recently attended a meeting where the guest speaker was with the FBI Identity Theft Unit out of Kansas City, Missouri. He discussed many of the different way’s that criminals try and get your information as well as how to protect yourself against these threats. Listed below are some of the suggestions to assist you in reducing […]