Tiny Houses are Trendy, Minimalist and Often Illegal

Some local governments around the country are welcoming tiny houses, attracted by their potential to ease an affordable housing crunch or even house the homeless. Cities such as Washington, D.C., and Fresno, California, have eased zoning and building rules to allow them, and in May California’s housing department issued guidance to help builders and code […]

Preapproved? Don’t Let Holiday Shopping Kill Your Home Purchase

Before you get swept up in the tide of frantic holiday shopping, it’s important to know that going overboard on gifts for friends and family can impact the total loan amount you’re ultimately approved for, and it could even kill the approval entirely. Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/trulia/2015/11/24/preapproved-dont-let-holiday-shopping-kill-your-home-purchase/

CFPB Study Finds Reverse Mortgage Advertisements Can Create False Impressions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) just released results of a focus group study on reverse mortgage advertisements that found many participants were left with misimpressions about the product. After viewing the ads, consumers were confused about reverse mortgages being loans, and they were left with false impressions that they are a government benefit or […]

Homeownership is Linked to Happiness

Where people live matters for their well-being according to recent survey data from the OECD Better Life Index.  The OECD Better Life Index gauges the quality of life worldwide by looking at various factors.   Housing outperformed all other indicators monitored on the well-being index – like education, safety, and environment – with 75 percent of […]