Continuing Education Opportunities for Realtors

To maintain your real estate license, many states require agents and brokers to participate in defined amounts of continuing education during recurring time periods. These requirements are established in state laws and administered by real estate commissions. Some requirements are state-specific, so it is crucial that you inquire about and fulfill your state’s license maintenance […]

4 Ways to Best Prepare Your Client’s Home for the Busy Spring Season

Spring is an important season in real estate. As the temperatures begin to warm up and flowers begin to bloom, markets move towards more listings, viewings, open houses, and closed deals. Springtime is a crucial season for real estate agents to update their market strategies in preparation for the upcoming busy season. Below are strategies […]

What’s Worth Your Time and Money and What’s Not as a Home Seller?

Nothing is as exciting as making your house a home. Whether it’s remodeling your kitchen or adding a patio, home renovations seem thrilling; however, spending thousands of dollars on making changes may not always bring the big bucks you want when it comes time to sell your home. Below are two lists of things to […]

The Dangers of Technology in Real Estate

Working with technology is inevitable in the real estate business. You need technology to get in contact with clients and industry professionals, keep track of market trends, source business, and also for record keeping. Technology is the base from which your business blooms. However, as much as technology is beneficial, there are many tradeoffs that […]