What Cryptocurrencies Mean for Your Real Estate Transaction

Emerging technologies make our lives simple. But what wouldn’t make it simpler than to have virtual currency that could be safely sent and received anywhere in the world? Cryptocurrencies, and its blockchain technology, are becoming popular around the (real estate) world. With this new technology comes quicker transactions without the need for third parties. What […]

According to Bloomberg Television, the ‪#‎RealEstate‬ and ‪#‎Housing‬ markets are hot!

In this recent segment from Bloomberg Television, Joe Weisenthal reviews a series of data points related to the real estate and housing markets that are all heading in the right direction.   Many of the indicators are now at multi-year highs, showing that people are feeling good about the housing market. https://www.facebook.com/BloombergTelevision/videos/10153167085495829/

New Report Finds Significant Hispanic Home Ownership Gap

Between now and 2020, roughly four out of every 10 new households that form in the U.S. will be headed by someone of Hispanic descent – more than any other single racial or ethnic group. The Hispanic demographic will be a key driver of home rental and purchasing activity in the next several years, and […]

With higher inventories, fewer bidding wars, and slowing home prices, home buyers have good reason to be happy this summer.

According to a recent report by the real estate brokerage Redfin, there are a number of welcoming signs for home buyers this year.  Inventories are higher than they have been, there are fewer bidding wars (meaning less competition), and median sales prices are not rising as fast as they had been.  These factors, combined with […]