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Online Notarization: How Does It Work?

At Monarch Title Company, we know life hasn’t been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Documents still need signing and, of course, notarizing. Notarization is typically done in-person, but with the ruthless pandemic upon us, health and safety must come first for everyone. These in-person notarizations have been halted for the time being. […]

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How We Make the Closing Process Smooth and Easy

Helping your client choose and purchase the home of their dreams is a complex task. You have to manage many aspects like keeping an eye on market trends, making sure your client is prepared financially, and even making sure your client makes the right informed decision. Real estate is more in-depth than it seems on […]

Our Real Estate World of All Things “E” eClosing, eNotary and More

In order to talk cyber, the real estate world had to create a new dialect to describe new electronic documents and processes, especially those surrounding a real estate transaction, which has historically been paper intensive. Below are definitions to guide our readers through the 2020 articles about all things “e”. eClosing: The act of closing […]