Continuing Education Opportunities for Realtors

To maintain your real estate license, many states require agents and brokers to participate in defined amounts of continuing education during recurring time periods. These requirements are established in state laws and administered by real estate commissions. Some requirements are state-specific, so it is crucial that you inquire about and fulfill your state’s license maintenance guidelines.

Missouri’s Division of Professional Registration real estate commission states: “Each real estate licensee who holds an active license shall complete, during the two-year license period prior to renewal, a minimum of 12 hours of real estate instruction approved for continuing education credit by the Missouri Real Estate Commission.” At least three of the 12 required credit hours of instruction will be taken in a course approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission as core credit.

Aside from maintaining an updated license, continuing your real estate education keeps you afresh with the latest professional information. With this information in hand, you can steer your career towards a more successful path because you will be backed with the most essential professional knowledge. In real estate, the learning process is endless, so it’s important to always be up-to-date with industry information.

Real estate education also builds unparalleled trust with your clients. Nothing pleases a client more than knowing that their agent is professionally developing themselves to provide the best services they can. If your client knows of your efforts to advance your education and to keep an updated license, they are likely to give you impressive testimonials and referrals. This will keep your agency’s name popular and you will get more clients.

Working as a realtor requires constant growth and development. Hence, furthering your education will help positively contribute to this. As you embark on developing your career, pay attention to your state’s education requirements to keep your license as current as it can be.

To access information about taking courses in real estate, you can refer to the National Association of Realtors. State-specific details about continuing education requirements and license renewal deadlines can be found on the Real Estate Commission’s website.