When fraudsters hack real estate wire transfers

You’ve just walked through each home listing in your desired neighborhood, and you’ve found the home you want to buy. You’re about to be the proud buyer of your first home. You bid your agents a good afternoon and head home. It’s after midnight, and your phone dings. You open your email to find your […]

Why Blockchain Technologies Won’t Replace Title Companies

New emerging technologies are exciting when it means transactions between parties and agencies can be quicker, safer and more protected. But what about blockchain technology, a distributed ledger, is all the rave? Blockchain is a kind of database that constantly updates records of information, in sync, and is visible to all who have access. Access […]

7 Things to Know Before You Flip Your First House

You’ve watched virtually every house flipping show on television, and by this point you’re a “pro” at home renovations. You’re finally ready to put your knack for redesign to the test. Now, you’ve purchased a first fixer upper of your own, and you’re going to house flip your new property. Before you reach for the […]