Is there a best time of year to sell your home?

Have you heard that spring is the best time to sell your home? Listing inventories increase in spring, as well as the number of interested home buyers. More home sales occur between April and July than any other time of year for several reasons. Primarily, families with children don’t like to change schools in the […]

What Does a Title Company Do Anyway?

What does a title company do? A lot, actually. Title companies do the behind-the-scenes work on real estate deals, making sure that the property is in good legal and financial standing before you purchase it. Title Companies do a lot of technical work that protects you, whether you’re selling or buying. Title Companies Do Important […]

How texting can put your business in jeopardy

Let’s face it: We all love our cell phones. We use our phones every day for a variety of conveniences: messaging, email, shopping, calendars, etc. They are evolving miniature computers with which you can do almost anything with a touch of a button. Emerging technologies make our lives simpler. Lately, though, texting and messaging apps […]