Why Title Insurance is so important for your clients

Whether the transaction involves a multi-million-dollar purchase or a single family home, there is a potential for serious financial loss without title insurance. Confirming the ownership of the property being transferred is extremely important to all parties involved in the transaction.  All parties want to be assured that the seller is actually authorized to sell, […]

What Cryptocurrencies Mean for Your Real Estate Transaction

Emerging technologies make our lives simple. But what wouldn’t make it simpler than to have virtual currency that could be safely sent and received anywhere in the world? Cryptocurrencies, and its blockchain technology, are becoming popular around the (real estate) world. With this new technology comes quicker transactions without the need for third parties. What […]

How Baby Boomers will affect the housing market in the coming generations

By the 2030s, about 20 percent of the United States population will be retirement-aged, according to American Land Title Association. By 2035, it’s estimated there will be over 78 million Baby Boomers–those born post-World War II between 1946 and 1964–as compared with only 76 million young people under the age of 18. For the first […]

Why Blockchain Technologies Won’t Replace Title Companies

New emerging technologies are exciting when it means transactions between parties and agencies can be quicker, safer and more protected. But what about blockchain technology, a distributed ledger, is all the rave? Blockchain is a kind of database that constantly updates records of information, in sync, and is visible to all who have access. Access […]