Couple talking with real estate agent in empty home

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

The answer is yes. Learn more about what real estate agents provide for your family.

Real estate is a complicated business, and for good reason, buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions of your life. Working with a true professional when buying and selling makes a huge difference in your experience and the outcome when dealing with the real estate business. We’ve compiled just some of the many reasons that using a real estate agent will benefit you in your home buying or selling journey. 

They’re Marketing Professionals

Real estate agents are marketing professionals. Agents will choose the best pictures, descriptions, and messaging to bring the right prospective buyers to your home. They then use their experience in negotiating and sales to help you receive the best value sale on your home. 

They Do the Heavy Lifting

Whether you’re on the home buying or selling side of the transaction, real estate agents do the time-intensive and detail-oriented work that you just don’t have the time for. Agents will interview and narrow down prospective buyers to the best fit for your family and home when you’re selling. When buying a house, real estate agents listen to your family’s wants and needs in a home and can find houses that fit your criteria. 

They Know the Market

Agents know the real estate market. Your agent helps you establish a fair price to sell your home. They have experience in your neighborhood on what has worked in the past, and the industry knowledge to know what the market is doing nationwide and in communities like yours. Having this knowledge will help your home sell faster, saving you the headache. 

They Can Give You Estimates

Your agent can give you estimates of your closing costs and other financial matters to be aware of when buying or selling your home. Real estate professionals will also keep you informed of all the small details and deadlines to ensure a quick and easy closing process, all while keeping you worry-free.

They Help You Find What You Need

You wouldn’t buy a car or a computer without doing your research first. You should do the same when buying your home. A real estate agent can help you figure out the type of home or what amenities you can afford when searching. Real estate agents are also experts on the neighborhoods they work in — they can talk about the surrounding schools, local taxes, community characteristics, and the general atmosphere of the neighborhood. 

They’re Great Negotiators

Real estate agents can inform you if you’re paying too much for a home you’re interested in. They can provide you with analyses of similar homes in your area and what their asking and selling prices are. Your agent is also a liaison between you and the seller— they bring invaluable knowledge to the table about requirements in the housing market as well as expert negotiation skills. 

They’ll Guide You Through

Buying and selling a home comes with a huge paper trail. Real estate agents guide you through this process to make sure no stone is left unturned, and no paper is left unsigned!

An important part of any sale is title insurance. Be sure to talk with your real estate expert about the importance of title insurance when engaging in the real estate business. Monarch Title Company has over 30 years of experience in title insurance and has the experience and industry knowledge to provide you with a fast and hassle-free closing.