Notary public metal stamp

Online Notarization: How Does It Work?

At Monarch Title Company, we know life hasn’t been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Documents still need signing and, of course, notarizing. Notarization is typically done in-person, but with the ruthless pandemic upon us, health and safety must come first for everyone. These in-person notarizations have been halted for the time being. But don’t worry –– we still have you covered. 

Governor Mike Parson issued an executive order to allow for online notarization — an action in which we are proudly implementing to help you in these times. This new, online process is simple, and takes form as a live video conference call between you, the notary, and whomever else is necessary to sit in on your specific notary needs.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, our escrow closers at Monarch Title Company are dedicated to helping you. Whether it’s to get you into a new house or refinance your home, we can notarize it with you.

Despite the notarization being done online, it still holds the same validity as it would if the process was done in-person. And even better, you’re staying safe in the process as the nation and Boone County continues to practice social distancing.

Here are a few key things you should know before your online notarization to make the process go as swiftly as possible. During your online notarization conference, you’ll need a few items prior to the closing. You’ll need a valid photo ID and representation that you are in Missouri. If your document that needs notarization is being done using the video/audio notarization, you will sign it with a wet signature while our closer witnesses the signature, then you will return the original signed documents to Monarch where our closer will add our notary seal to make it official. 

Whatever your notary needs are –– we’re just a video conference call away. At Monarch Title Company, we’re here to help you, so schedule your online notarization with us when the need arises.