Real estate closing, exchanging of keys and signing agreement

Our Favorite Closing Stories

At Monarch Title Company, closings are some of our favorite tasks to complete. Getting to experience the smiles, the tears of joy, the hugs—it’s a feeling that’s almost indescribable. But we’ll try our best to paint you a picture of some of our team members’ favorite closing stories.

For Wes Moxley, branch manager of the Monarch Title company office in Boonville, his favorite closings are when the buyers are first-time homebuyers with children. “You can see the excitement in the buyers and their kids. For many, the first home purchase comes when their children are young, so you know that many of their childhood memories will be made in those homes and that is always a good feeling to be part of,” Wes explains. This excitement that these first-time homebuyers experience makes them more attentive throughout the closing process, which in turn, makes Wes’s job more enjoyable and easier.

Lisa Pryor, an escrow closer at our Monarch Columbia, Missouri location, takes us back to her days as a receptionist for Monarch Title Company . After an emotional closing, the seller came out of the closing room. She stood in the lobby as she stared blankly out the door—she was clearly trying to compose herself. Lisa was there for the seller to confide in. After asking if the seller was okay—to which she shook her head no—Lisa asked if she needed a hug. “I got up and went to her, a total stranger, and held her as she sobbed on my shoulder. She calmed down a bit, and I asked if she needed to talk about it,” Lisa remembers. The seller started opening up to Lisa. She told Lisa that she was having to sell her childhood home, and it was more than she could take. She liked the buyers, but she wasn’t fully prepared to say goodbye to her childhood memories.

Lisa knew exactly what she was going through having done it a couple years prior. She gave the buyer her number to call if she ever needed to talk. The buyer walked back into the closing room, finished signing, and was hugging and talking to the buyers on the way out.

Lisa explains, “It was at that point that I realized  how important it is for us as a title company, closers, even as a receptionist to remember that we are a part of life-changing events. Emotions of excitement, anticipation, anxiousness, and sometimes sadness should be acknowledged and respected in not just a professional manner, but as caring human beings.”

We know what a Title company is responsible for, Monarch Title Company will always be a part of life changing emotional events with utmost dignity and respect for the people.

Whatever your need—whether it’s a closing, or a friend, Monarch is the Title company near you, which has you completely covered.