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Refinance Closings: Your Title Company Matters

If you get deja-vu when it’s time to close on your refinanced loan, don’t worry. The process of for a refinance is almost identical to the first time that you did it and walked away with the rights to your new property. If it’s been a while since that first time, just remember that finalizing the loan means that it’s time to sit down with your closing agent and any co-borrowers to look over your paperwork and get everything finalized. 

You’ll go over the closing paperwork and sign the loan documents. Your lender will also transfer the funds to your closing agent. 

A title company’s role in this process is important since they provide a number of things for the finale of the refinancing process. Title companies give you a closing agent to oversee the process and ensure that all ownership paperwork is in order. 

With so many different responsibilities, choosing the right title company can be crucial for your closing. You’ll want to choose one that you can trust to make sure that your paperwork is in order for your new loan. 

Good criteria to use when you’re searching for the title company that’s right for you is friendly and prompt customer service and complete transparency about the company’s practices — you’ll want a company that’s trustworthy and responsive to all of your questions! Qualifications are also important to consider. You want a title company with lots of experience, including knowledge of local policies, title insurance, and regulations. Lucky for you, Monarch Title has had years of experience with every type of closing. 

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