What’s the Benefit of a Property Profile in a Real Estate Transaction?

We get it. You want as few roadblocks between yourself and those new set of house keys as possible. But sometimes it behooves you to pump the brakes and do your homework, and when you’re considering a transaction as life-altering as real estate, you can bet you’ll have plenty of take-home assignments.

First of all, what is a property profile?

Simply put, a property profile is the printed form of “peace of mind.” These reports are the fastest and most efficient way to gain vital information about a property prior to purchase.

This information ranges from the balance of current loans on the property to the legal description of the property itself.

Property profiles solve issues before they become problems:

A real estate transaction is one of the most complicated processes on the face of the Earth. Naturally, from time to time unforeseen challenges can arise. Picture, for instance, you’re trying to purchase from the administrator of an estate of someone recently deceased. Everything is signed off and ready, except when it comes time to close, it turns out that the deceased transferred the property to somebody else!

These snafus really do happen, and they can throw a major wrench into your real estate plans.

Rather than leave stones unturned, we encourage each interested party to conduct the most thorough research into a property possible. Before a commercial or residential home purchase is completely finalized, a full title search and title insurance should be issued.

That’s where we at Monarch Title Company can help! Whether you’re considering residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, or any other land purchase, you can rest assured we’ll conduct a thorough and professional property profile report to ensure your closing process is as smooth as possible.

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