What’s Worth Your Time and Money and What’s Not as a Home Seller?

Nothing is as exciting as making your house a home. Whether it’s remodeling your kitchen or adding a patio, home renovations seem thrilling; however, spending thousands of dollars on making changes may not always bring the big bucks you want when it comes time to sell your home. Below are two lists of things to do and not do when trying to perfect your house.

What to do:

  • Remodel your kitchen.
    The kitchen is without a doubt the heart of any home. From the sumptuous food you make there to the various people you host for dinner, a kitchen is what makes a house feel like a home. Hence, revamping your kitchen to look amazing will always be a great investment.
  • Add a bathroom.
    If your home has one or two bathrooms, it wouldn’t hurt for you to invest in an extra one. According to HGTV estimates, you are most likely to yield 80-130% of what you invested into an extra bathroom whenever you decide to sell. So, the added value to your house becomes worth it when you decide to part ways with your abode.
  • Add energy efficient windows.
    Sustainability has become a topic of concern and when it comes to homes, buyers are constantly looking for efficient and environmentally-friendly homes. Homes that have old, drafty single-pane windows stand no chance of yielding as much in return compared to those with energy efficient windows. When you invest in energy efficient windows, HGTV estimates that you can yield close to 90% of your investment. Why not be environmentally-friendly and get most of your money back in the process?

What NOT to do:

  • In-ground Swimming Pools.
    Swimming pools cost upwards of $30,000 to install, and sadly, they make it difficult to sell your house. Many families, especially those with younger children, tend to avoid homes with swimming pools. So, don’t install a swimming pool as this eliminates a group of buyers, which can turn out to be your most important market.
  • Gourmet kitchens with high-end accessories.
    While customizing your kitchen with fancy tiles and a more expensive stove may sound appealing, it is not ideal if you’re looking to move out of your house within the next three to five years. Home buyers err on the side of simplicity, so make sure that any kitchen remodels you do are modest enough to attract many interested buyers. All in all, a simple kitchen will give you a meaty return on your investment.
  • Expensive Landscaping.
    Landscaping can elevate your house’s appearance, especially if done intricately; however, magical wonderlands for a backyard garden may not always be a great idea. Intricate landscaping is expensive, and if you want to sell your house, it can be a barrier to get the value you had in mind. Err on the side of simplicity while still making your place look beautiful.

Revamping your house’s appearance is always a great idea. However, it’s important to do it wisely. Spend your money on developments that you can get great returns for and avoid unnecessary expenses. This way, you will be able to sell your house without problems and move to the home of your dreams.

*Sources used in the creation of this blog include moneycrashers.com, hgtv.com, and thestreet.com.