Online Earnest Money Deposit

Submit Your Earnest Money Deposit Online

Never worry about writing a check or performing a wire transfer again. Monarch Title Pay through Paymints is available for your convenience, making online payments secure and easy.

You can create an account at by entering your first and last name and mobile phone number. We will send you an authentication code via text.

Monarch Title Pay Instructions

Start by going to Create an Account by inputting your first and last name and your mobile phone number. We will send you an authentication code via text.

Enter the authentication code you should have received via text message.

Click the green plus sign beside “Transfers” to start a new transfer.


Please input your personal information for an OFAC check.

Next you will see the Plaid screen. Plaid is the most secure way to connect your bank account electronically. We do not share or store any banking credentials. Please click continue.

Plaid allows us to connect to over 12,000 financial institutions. What you will first see are the most banks used on our platform. If you do not see your bank click in the search bar and type in the name of your bank. Select your financial institution.

After you have selected your financial institution, log in to your bank using your online banking credentials. This will allow you to view all of your accounts eligible to make a transfer on our platform.


Please select the account you would like to use to make the transfer.

After selecting your account, click Continue.

Please fill out the transfer details page. You can any notes about your transfer in the optional notes section.

Review your transfer details. If all of the information is correct, complete the transfer by clicking Make Transfer.

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