Third person perspective of woman using smart home app to control various smart home devices

5 Digital Upgrades for Your Home

If living through the digital age — smartphones in particular — has taught us anything, it’s that we, as humans, enjoy convenience. Being able to send a text through voice memos, asking Siri or another virtual assistant to find the closest sushi place, make a call, or play music for us has brought a sense of conscience and ease to our lives that would be hard to lose.

As our technology continues to advance, more and more products are offered to consumers that would make their life that much more comfortable, and what better place to have ease of mind than at home. Here is a list of five smart technologies that can be added to your home to bring a sense of convenience and comfort.

  1. Home Assistants
    Home assistants such as the popular Google Homes or Amazon Echos are some of the easiest ways to make day-to-day life in a household easier. They can read step-by-step instructions to help make dinner, set timers, and even keep track of shopping lists. They can play music throughout the house by syncing all the speakers throughout the house, allowing them to skip, pause, and stop the music through vocal cues. When paired up to smart lamps or security systems, home assistants could even help turn the lights on and off.

  2. Smart TVs
    One amenity that may already be in a home is a smart TV. Smart TVs make streaming services that much more convenient by offering direct access to Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ instead of having to go through hooked up systems like DVD players or other electronics. Some smart TVs may even be compatible with home assistants and can be controlled by voice commands that ask them to continue playing a show or pause the movie for a quick intermission.

  3. Smart Thermostat
    Apart from controlling the temperature of the house, smart thermostats can learn the schedule of the occupants to better suit the temperature. They can also balance the temperature in the house to try and combat the heat that rises to the second floor. The system also uses less energy and saves money by raising or lowering the temperature when no one is home.

  4. Robotic Vacuums
    These vacuums are more than just ways for cats to get around the house without walking, robotic vacuums are made to help keep the house that much cleaner in between manual (human) cleanings. These vacuums can learn the layout of the house and clean anywhere the owner deems fit.

  5. Smart Security Systems
    Smart security systems have apparent protection against break-ins and thefts while also providing desirable amenities to the homeowners. Smart security systems can be equipped with smoke detectors and water sensors to help prevent disasters or send warnings to hopefully make them less detrimental. Some systems can control lights or thermostats from outside the house, making vacations more relaxing.

Are you ready to upgrade your home? Make your life easier and make it a digital upgrade.