Homebuyer’s Guide To Secure Home Closing

When homebuyers close on a home, there are many important financial details you don’t want to leave to chance or send unsecurly. At Monarch Title Company, we have you covered with tools like a closing checklist, secure wire transfer options and over 20 years of industry experience guiding homebuyers. 

What Homebuyers Should Bring To Closing

As we went over in a previous blog, there are many things you need to remember to bring to your closing day in your new home. However, rest assured that when you work with Monarch, we will remind you, so you don’t have to save this blog link!

There are two VERY important things to remember, and the rest is usually brought by your realtor or closer. You will need to have a valid photo ID in order to have your documents notarized. This could be your driver’s license, a passport, or another state-issued photo ID. You will also need proof of your deposit transfer or cashier’s check to ensure the money exchanges hands. 

Homebuyers Sending Money Securely

As mentioned above, it’s key to have the money exchange hands in order to have a secure home closing. You obviously wouldn’t want to take out that sum of money in cash. There are simple ways you can securely close and transfer money in this modern era.

Method 1: Bring Cashier’s Check to Closing

Method 2: Securely Send Money Via Wire Transfer

Monarch understands the importance of technology and accessibility when it comes to operating your personal business. That is why we have invested in a secure PAYMINTs system. Learn more about how to securely transfer your earnest money deposit. 

Secure Home Closing with Monarch Title

Monarch Title has over 20 years of experience in the title insurance industry. Whether we are working with home buyers, sellers, real estate partners or lenders, we have received accolades from our Columbia and larger Mid-Missouri community. 

Know that you have peace of mind when your title search and closing is performed by Monarch Title. Contact us by phone at 573-441-0725 or via email to learn more about working with us.