Home buyer's closing checklist being reviewed by multiple people

Things To Bring To Your Home Closing

Your closing day has finally arrived! All the open houses, phone calls to Realtors, emails back and forth with your title insurance agent and lenders, plus many hours of paperwork have culminated in the closing of your home. With all the information sharing that has happened, it’s important to remember which documents and items are necessary to bring with you to your closing.

Things To Clarify Before Your Closing

Prior to closing, there are several things you will want to clarify. First, it is important to know who will conduct your closing. It is your choice on which title company you will use. Once you have selected one, be sure to write down the name and direct line for the person who will conduct your closing on closing day. 

Next, you should clarify with your real estate agent or closer what items they have copies of, and which ones you will need to close. This is also the time to clarify the estimated amount due at closing, as you will have to present a cashier’s check or show proof of wire transfer at the time of closing. 

Finally, ask your loan officer for guidance on which documents you need to have an understanding of prior to closing. The most important ones at closing are: Closing Disclosure; Mortgage/Deed of Trust; Promissory Note; Deed, document that transfers property ownership. 

Things to Bring To Your Closing

As discussed in our other blog, there are several things you will need to have with you on closing day. 

  • Valid driver’s License, State issued ID or Passport
  • Cashier’s Check OR Wire Transfer proof
  • Your co-borrower (non-borrowing spouse)
  • Reading glasses (if needed)
  • Blue pen (if you’d like to use your own)
  • A check (if not using wire transfer prior to closing day)

Most of the important documents will be brought to the closing by your agent or closer for you to complete signing. 

Documents to Save After Closing

After you’ve completed all the paperwork, it’s important to keep copies! You will want to save copies of your closing statement, deed of trust, promissory note and deed. For security purposes, these will not be sent electronically by Monarch Title.

After closing, the last step is to remember to change your address. We suggest you start with your bank and credit card accounts, then focus on anything that is a bill (health insurance, car insurance, electric, loans, etc). 

When You Choose Monarch, Nothing is Forgotten!

At Monarch Title, we are experienced at guiding homeowners through the closing process. We will make sure our closer prepares you before and after your closing, so that none of these things on your checklist are missed! Contact our team to start working with us today!