The Importance of Title Insurance

Here at Monarch, we have a goal: to provide a smooth and happy transaction for every client that we have. That includes making sure that we explain any and all processes and services that we provide. So what is title insurance, and how do we provide it to your satisfaction?

A title insurance policy is a contract between you, our client (including any mortgage lenders or property buyers), and us, your trusty title insurance company. The policy protects you against any problems with a property title during the actual transfer of ownership of the property.  

For example, if the insured party incurs any financial losses due to title disputes during the sale, the insurance company will compensate them. Some of these situations include liens on the property, defects in the transference of documents, or mistakes and forgeries in title documents related to the property. Title insurance can protect you for all past events related to these situations. A lender’s part of a title insurance policy protects them in situations where the mortgage is unenforceable against the buyer. 

Another example is if you’ve purchased a home and someone provides proof that they’ve purchased a part of the property from the original seller — in that scenario, the title insurance company would compensate you, since they failed to discover the sale before your purchase. 

Remember that seventy-five percent of homes have no issues with their title, according to the American Land Title Association, but it’s important to be protected throughout the whole residential purchasing process. 

Our experienced team has been operating for more than 20 years, and we’re ready to help and protect your interests with our expertise and excellent customer service. Monarch Title Company has a long writing partnership with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, one of the largest title insurers in the country. We want to give your opportunities the protection they deserve and deliver peace of mind to all of our clients.