Remote Online Notarization: The Future of Title Insurance Closings

Remote online notarization, or RON, isn’t just for the pandemic — it’s the way forward! The home buying process can be very time consuming because of all the paperwork before, during, and after the sale. Thankfully, the Missouri House and Senate passed House Bill 1655, which provided title insurance companies the ability to close loans remotely through a secure video recording process that we know as RON.

Remote Online Notarization with Monarch Title Company

Monarch Title Company successfully closed two remote online notarizations in the past month where customers were unable to be at the closing due to extenuating circumstances. Without the ability to do the closing online, these closings would not have been possible — or at least not in a timely manner.

Remote Online Notarization Can Be Done Anywhere: Couple Closes on House While Abroad

In the first closing, Monarch Title’s clients were out of the country on a mission trip. They needed to have a power of attorney notarized to allow a family member to sign papers at the closing. However, the country they were in did not have an embassy open and, because of COVID restrictions, they were not able to find a notary. Thanks to RON, Monarch was able to keep the closing on schedule and get the power of attorney recorded with the Boone County Recorder of Deeds without a delay in the closing. The real estate agents, buyers, and sellers, were extremely pleased with our ability to make this happen so that their closing schedule was not impacted.

Remote Online Notarization Saves Time: Couple Closes on House On Time While Traveling

The second closing was used for a couple that were out of town and couldn’t attend the closing on the date scheduled. Instead of delaying the closing, which would have affected the buyer and the seller, the mortgage company approved the use of RON and the closing was completed using the process in accordance with the Missouri statute. Without this tool, the closing would have been delayed, causing additional costs to the buyer and seller.

Choose Monarch Title For Secure Remote Online Notarizations

This bill passed because of the support from Missouri State Senator Sandy Crawford and Missouri State Representative Hannah Kelly. Thanks to their work, our customers and lenders were extremely pleased with this process and the outcome. Monarch Title is one of the first to spend the time and money to implement this process in Missouri and one of the first to complete a RON in the state.
We are always proactively looking for ways to make the closing process as streamlined and efficient as we can for our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us at 573-441-0725.